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Horní Bečva 0377

75657 Horní Bečva

Czech republic


Telephone: +420 608 770 335


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Golf Rožnov pod Radhoštěm (

Type: 9 holes
Lenght men: 5.100 m
Lenght women: 4.390 m
PAR: 70


Situated in a romantic area close to the river Bečva and the Beskyd forests. The river closeness, allowed to  form small ponds, fountains and green islands.


                Golf Rožnov pod Radhoštěm             Golf Rožnov pod Radhoštěm



Golf Čeladná (

Type: 36 holes

Old ground:
Lenght men: 5.948 m
Lenght women: 5.026 m
PAR: 72


New ground:
Lenght men: 6.113m
Lenght women: 5.251 m
PAR: 72


The golf court Čeladná offers its clients two 18 hole grounds (2x par 72), designed by the Spanish gold player Angel Miguel Jiménez. With its 36 holes it is the biggest in the Czech Republic and is only 30 minutes from our location.


                          golf Čeladná         golf Čeladná 


Golf Ostravice (

Type: 18 holes
Lenght men: 6.500m
Lenght women: 5.500m
PAR: 72

Ostravice lied directly under the highest forest of the Beskyds, not far from the water pond Šance. The golf court was designed by the famous Chrise Johnsona, who created many of the European courts in Europe and Africa.


                        golf Ostravice      golf Ostravice






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