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Czech republic


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Charming forested hills, balmy meadows and sunny hillsides with typical wooden cottages, open hearted and hospitable people - that is Wallachia, an earthy land in the Eastern corner of the Czech Republic. The name of the territory is most often associated to the Wallachs - shepherds, who settled in the region as early as in the 13th century. Through blending of their customs and habits of local farmers a very distinctive culture arose, and it remains preserved in local architecture and especially in strong folk traditions.


Wallachia consists of the Javorniky and the Beskydy ranges, both protected areas of combined territory of 1166 km2, which represents the largest protected area within the Czech Republic. The highest mountain is Radhost (1129 m a.s.l.)




Apart from magnificent nature and excellent sports infrastructure, Wallachia can offer you exclusive ways of experiencing the local culture, traditions and customs or just enjoy a relaxing vacation.




We offer you several tours, which are at your disposal and choice.







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