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Chalets NEBESA



Horní Bečva 0377

75657 Horní Bečva

Czech republic


Telephone: +420 608 770 335


Skype: Nebesacz


počasí dnes počasí zítra počasí pozítří


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There are few places in the world where guests can experience breathtaking mountain scenery, luxurious accommodation, the smell of home-made bakeries, and total relaxation - all within 40 minutes of a major International Airport.
not only that....


"The eco-chalets NEBESA were designed to complement the natural respect towards the environment...and decrease life risks for all of us!!!"





Water and Energy Management

Water-saving measures include economizing water pumps. We have installed a special heating system using twice less energy to heat the accommodation area. All cleaning products supplied and used in the cabin such as detergent, shampoo, soap & conditioners are ECO friendly. Windows and doors have been located to allow for sun and cooling breezes to pass through the entire building, saving energy for warming in winter and cooling in the summer.


Environmental education

We provide you extensive on site education about the local animal species, how to treat them and preserve the nature. Food supplies requested by the visitors could be only from local bakeries and stores to ensure maximum freshness and vitamins.


Land management

We care predominantly about the forests and meadows in our area, trying to provide the most natural and cleanest environment for distinct species such as lizards, frogs, fish. We also have equipment to feed passing through wildlife. Periodically, we cut off old trees in our forest and plant new ones.


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